What The Patients Say

Browse through what our patients have to say about Maloof Family Chiropractic. The following are actual written patient testimonials that were either written by hand or emailed to us.

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In May of 2001 I became a patient of Dr. Maloof. I had been suffering for about three years from migraine headaches that were lasting an average of four days each. No medication could do more than barely take the edge off the pain, and for the most part it reduced me to a nonfunctional state. After the first adjustment, my shoulders began to feel less tight and my headaches quickly became manageable and shorter in duration, to the point where my use of medication is only occasional.

Jan Appling, Atlanta, GA

My name is Lisa Feliz and for the past 7 years I have been suffering from scoliosis. I found out I had this irregular curve in my spine around the age of ten, in a visit to the emergency room. I finally had an answer to why I was in constant back pain and why i was able to carry no weight (like my book bag), and why certain sports caused me extreme pain. Through out the years I ltried to carry out an as close to normal life with this pain. When I came in for my consultation, I was in shock.. HOW DID DR. MALOOF KNOW EVERYTHING I WAS GOING THROUGH?!! It was unbelievable to me, until I received my first adjustment. He took all the pain away, was correcting my back at the same time, and helped me feel like never before.

Lisa Feliz, GA

It is with great pleasure and thankfulness that I share the following: In late May of this year (2001) I began treatment with Dr. Marion Maloof. Previous to my finding out about his specialty field of chiropractic care, Atlas Orthogonal, I had suffered for nearly two years from chronic and severe pain in my neck, shoulder and upper back. Initially, I interpreted and treated the ailment as I had treated previous sports related pain that I have incurred from playing tennis and golf (ibuprofen, stretching exercises, icepacks). After a few months I realized that this pain was not going to give up easily, and that I may need outside intervention. I met Dr. Maloof and began treatment. After just two weeks I began to feel a noticeable relief of pain. After 90 days a significant amount of the pain (75-80 %) had dissipated. Needless to say, I will continue to be monitored by Dr. Maloof periodically to maintain this healthy alignment that has relieved so much of my pain.

Debbie Figurilli, Atlanta, GA

Hi, my name is Fran. I am and ex-Advil and Alieve junkie. There was a time when I was not only in pain, but I was destroying my liver. Five years ago, I was experiencing pain in my neck, shoulder, right arm, and back. A few months later, I also developed severe headaches. I went from one doctor to another seeking relief. Each doctor did a different test and each came up with a different diagnosis. I was given pain pills and it was suggested that I do several different exercises. After almost a year of this, I was told I could no longer take the pain pills and that by now I should be feeling better… Then I made an appointment with Dr. Maloof… After the first visit, the pain diminished, and now I am almost completely pain free. I don’t understand what happens or why it happens, I just know that it works and I am happy that I made that call.

Fran Bake, Grayson, GA

Please accept this letter as an expression of my gratitude for your help in removing the pain of my fibromyalgia. I have suffered these agonizing and debilitating muscle spasms in my back for at least thirty-five years. Each year the pains were more frequent and caused more problems with activity in my daily life. An appointment was made, Dr. Maloof spent three hours that day examining my poor broken body, two more hours that same week, three hours the next week and, praise God, I could walk again. The first day I went to see Dr. Maloof! was shuffling along all bent over like I was 90 yrs. old. I’m actually 75 and now I feel like a very young 75. I have been coming into the office once a week for adjustments and feel like a new woman. No more narcotics, my mind is clear, my life is full of joy again and I say,”Thank God for a man like Dr. Maloof who really cares about his patients and doesn’t just put them off with drugs.”

Nancy Criss, GA

My name is Bev and I’m sharing a story of hope and a new lease on life. I was a fibromyalgia sufferer for 20 years! I also had the long list of “sister” ailments that accompany fibro, i.e.: irritable bowel syndrome, migraines, fatigue, digestion problems, depression, and the never ending pain. I had long ago accepted that pain was just a part of my lot in life and something to be coped with daily… After my first adjustment, which was completely painless and stress less, I sat up and had NO PAIN-that’s right- NO PAIN!!!!! I couldn’t’ believe it!! I was almost in shock wondering what was happening in my body-I could feel dramatic changes going on. Within a few weeks I was holding my adjustments for several days, off of all the aforementioned drugs and so full of energy and enthusiasm that I was driving my family crazy-in a good way!

Bev Burris, Former Fibro Sufferer, Snellville, GA