Dr. Maloof’s Perspective on Atlas Orthogonal For Health and Wellness

Dr. Maloof’s relationship with chiropractic actually began before he was born. His mother, prior
to giving birth to Dr. Maloof, had seven miscarriages in a period of nine years.
During this time, his father sought out chiropractic treatments to help him with a low back
problem. After some rather dramatic improvements in his health, he suggested that his mother
try out his chiropractor. That chiropractor was none other than Dr. Roy Sweat, the founding
father of instrument adjusting in the field of chiropractic.

Dr. Roy later went on to develop the Atlas Orthogonal Technique, and during his long career has
trained and mentored thousands of successful chiropractors. At the age of 85, he is still in
practice today. Dr. Maloof, during his years of training under Dr. Sweat, was also involved in the
teaching of many of those same chiropractors

If you were to ask, how could chiropractic possibly help a woman who has had multiple
miscarriages, where would you begin? You would begin with the nerve system. Nerves Control
Everything. When there is pressure placed upon the nerve system, by the very bones that were
designed to protect it, the nerve system becomes altered.
The most important bone in the spine is the Atlas, or C-1. When this bone gets out of place, it
puts pressure on the most critical part of the nerve system, the brainstem. The brainstem
controls all of the body’s basic functions: Heartbeat, Respiration, Digestion, Liver Function,

Kidney Function. If you as much as touch this part of the body with a feather, you’re dead. No ifs
ands or buts. President Reagan’s Press Secretary, James Brady, proved that you can take a bullet
to the brain and still live. Had that bullet hit or grazed his brainstem, he would have been
completely dead. That is how important this area is.

Every other segment in the spine from C-2 to L-5 has to shift its position in accordance to the
position of C-1. One of the symptoms of an Atlas misalignment, is a difference in leg length from
one side to the other. That is why a correction of the Atlas misalignment brings the legs even.

This Is Just ONE of the symptoms that can be caused by a misaligned Atlas bone.
High blood pressure, migraine headaches, acid reflux, irregular bowel actions and digestive
system stress can come about. Inability to sleep, anxiety and mood disorders such as bipolar
and depression occur due to altered brain chemistry and nervous system stress.

All of this is in addition to the garden-variety neck or back pain.
Pressure on the brainstem is interpreted by the body as a threat to its very existence. The body
goes into a full reactive state of emergency: Elevated Blood Pressure, Increased Pulse Rate,

Increased Respiration. Blood becomes diverted away from the internal organs, and toward the
large muscle groups of the body, to better prepare the body for a state of fight or flight.

A better way of illustrating this, would be to imagine if you were in the jungle, with a long spear
in your hand, and you’re hunting up a little meal. Just about the same time you see a nice, tasty
rabbit and throw your spear at it, you look over your shoulder and you see a very hungry lion.

You look a lot like lunch to that lion. When you’re about to become lunch, digesting lunch is no
longer a priority function. The salvation of the organism, your organism, becomes the priority
function. That is how fight or flight works. It prepares the body for an emergency situation. That
is also why the digestive system becomes dysfunctional.

Pressure on the brainstem puts the body into a state of fight or flight, and it gets stuck there
until the misalignment is corrected.

The human development process begins with two cells, working its way up to 450 trillion cells.
The first physical part of the body that’s created, is the brain. The brain is the center of life in
man. The second part is the spinal cord. The third part is the delicate system of nerves that go
out to every part of the body. If there is any interference to the communication between the
brain and the body, symptoms develop. Symptoms are the direct result of nerve interference.

Correct the nerve interference, maintain that over a person’s lifetime, and the chances of ever
developing a symptom are greatly reduced.

Ultimately, old cells die and new cells are born to replace them. The nervous system controls all
of the construction and demolition making it your body’s construction crew. We all know what
can happen when you have a sorry construction crew: Fuses blow, doors don’t shut, and cracks
form in your masonry.

This is how the disease process works. Only after the damage is done do you get symptoms, not
before. Removing the interference, the Atlas Orthogonal way, restores the body’s ability to heal