Whiplash and Auto Accident

Due to its lack of interlocking facets, the atlas (or C1) is uniquely vulnerable to injury resulting from motor vehicle accidents(MVA). The atlas is held in place by ligaments, tendons, and muscle. When the normal range of motion is exceeded, (stretched beyond their limits)  those soft tissue structures are damaged, compromising their ability to hold the bone or bones in their proper position.whiplash

The Atlas Orthogonist is uniquely qualified to detect and correct the misalignment that occurs in MVA. This maximizes healing. The Atlas Orthogonist adjusts the spine with a percussion-type instrument that eliminates the need for forceful manipulation.If the ligaments have been stretched, or loosened, forceful adjustments are not the way to go. The alignment process is delicate and precise, making it the best choice for infants to seniors.

As published in Journal of Whiplash & Related Disorders, a peer reviewed medical journal, Medical Doctors in emergency rooms around the country participated in a research project that involved referrals of patients who were involved in auto accidents to Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractors. A total of 221 patients were referred. Criteria to be included in the study were: head, neck and shoulder pain caused by MVA (motor vehicle accident) Patients who failed to complete study questionnaires or treatment where excluded. The equipment and techniques used were consistent with those used in the Atlas Orthogonal Program. Patients received an average of 2.76 treatment sessions over a 11.1 week period.

RESULTS: Upon entry, patients had signifi­cant debilitating pain and complications from neck injuries secondary to MVA.

After application of the Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic Technique, 84% of the patients experienced complete or near complete resolution of their pain and other neck related complications. All patients reported signifi­cant improvement in their conditions with 53% of those patients experiencing complete recovery. Range of motion among other measurements of cervical spine function also improved signifi­cantly. Atlas orthogonal is the primary technique at Maloof Family Chiropractic. Dr. Marion Maloof is a Board Certi­fied Atlas Orthogonist, specializing in adjusting the spine without manipulation.