My Technique

The Atlas Orthogonist is a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic who utilizes a light force method of adjusting the spine. The treatments are gentle for patients and are made with a percussion type instrument which releases an energy wave to align the spine, removing nerve pressure.

This energy wave places the atlas in an orthogonal position, (which is a Greek word for level), with the patient feeling no discomfort. This profoundly effective technique requires postgraduate training.

The Atlas Orthogonist’s methods employ such light touches to the affected area that patients sometimes find it hard to believe that anything effective has been accomplished. Their doubts and fears disappear as quickly as their pain and discomfort.




This technique works in a way which speeds and encourages the body’s own healing process. The doctor aids that process by gently adjusting the cervical vertebrae back toward normal alignment, thus helping the entire body.

* Remember: Prevention and early detection of misalignment through regular checkups is the key to natural health.


The Atlas Orthogonal Procedure

Brain messages leave the brain by way of the brain stem, pass through the neck, down the spinal cord and out over the entire nervous system to all parts of the body. These messages control, monitor and maintain everything that goes on in the body. They also direct all body health and healing!! A fall, automobile accident, whiplash, bad sleeping habits, a bump on the head, bad posture, or even a difficult birth can cause muscles of the neck to hold the head and neck in a tilt position of misalignment.


There is a very good chance that this misaligned diagram is YOU!! This head/neck misalignment can cause interference at the point where the head and neck join (the atlas vertebra), preventing the brain from sending messages to different parts of the body. This causes pain and stress. The part of the body that is unable to communicate effectively with the brain will also begin to develop health problems. Restricted brain-to-body messages are the direct or indirect cause of most health problems. These health problems typically develop and worsen until proper brain-to-body communication is restored. Atlas Orthogonal is a profoundly effective, scientifically proven specialty within the chiropractic profession. This procedure restores head/neck alignment to remove interference at the atlas vertebra and re-activate brain-to-body communication so the body’s natural self-healing process can begin. The Atlas Orthogonist takes X-rays of the head and neck. The X-rays show the degree of misalignment. They also enable the doctor to deliver correction with a precision and accuracy that is not possible with other methods of chiropractic care. Perfect head/neck alignment is restored – the way God intended.




Correction is delivered by way of a specialized instrument that is barely felt by the patient. The Atlas Orthogonal Instrument enables the doctor to adjust the spine without forceful manipulation. As soon as the misalignment is corrected, the brain can immediately begin sending healing messages to that part of the body affected by the misalignment, thus starting the body’s natural self-healing process. Tight and stressful muscles relax, and back and neck pains disappear – often immediately.

On each follow-up visit, the doctor helps the patient maintain the alignment correction so there is no further interference with the healing process. Since brain messages control everything that goes on in the body, removing all interference with this process explains why so many different health problems respond so well to alignment correction. Yet although more than 100 health problems have responded to this unique approach, it still remains practically unknown by the general public. The objective of the Atlas Orthogonist is to help each patient maintain perfect head/neck alignment so there is no interference in brain-to-body communication. This helps the patient live pain-free without the use of drugs or painkillers, enjoying a better quality of life. It is natural, safe and cost-effective for people of all ages.

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